Anonymous asked:

Who is the girl in Infinitie's Be Back mv? Is she part of Woolim Girls?

Her name is Kim Hyang-gi, she is a child actress. She is not a trainee of Woollim which makes her not a member of Woollim Girls. Hope this answered your question :D

Lee Jungyeop CEO on Woolim Girl Group Debut

  • 2014.06.02 Lee Jungyeop Interview
  • Q: Is your next project a girl group? It has been brought up from quite a while ago.
  • LJY: We have been planning the promotion in advance for about 3 years now. During that time, there are a lot of girl groups coming out. We need to make a different strategy.
  • Q: Have you find the strategy?
  • LJY: We seem to have seen the light now. You might see "really soon" coming. We're also in the middle of preparing a boy group.
  • translated by: eki @ woollim-girls
  • source: 단종임 @ instiz
  • take out with full credits
Anonymous asked:

so yoo jia really left huh. do you guys now in which company she's now? and does she have twitter?

She did, a year ago. I believe she’s not in any company right now. No, she doesn’t have any twitter account.

huinc asked:

Do woollim girls reali separated into two groups?

Woollim Girls is just something that we addressed  the first girl group since they do not have any name yet. Yes, they were divided into group. Team A would be debuting this year while Team B is unknown.

Anonymous asked:

I heard the girls are ready to debut b/c they have finished their photoshoot for their album/debut ? is it true ?


Anonymous asked:

Do you think you have an idea of when woollim girls are gonna debut ? Haha , I'm getting too excited and anxious for them . ^^

I have no specific date. but Woollim did mention about they making their debut in the earlier half of 2014 (the year) but no news since.

[TRANS/FANCAFE] 140127 Hello~ This is Jin ^ㅅ^

Hello~ This is Jin.
Have you been doing fine? I’m doing fine while practicing hard ^ㅅ^
I come here because I miss everyone~~
Now soon, exciting holiday is coming closer.
Make good memories and eat a lot of delicious food with family ㅎㅎ
I want to eat mom and dad’s fried sweet potato.. I’ll certainly eat it!!
Everyone!! Happy new year, let 2014 be a special year for all of us.
I’ll also work even harder than now!!
And have a warm January all~♥

Translated by: eki @ woollim-girls
Source: official fancafe
Take out with full credit

Anonymous asked:

Syikin, since you're leaving twitter, will you still be updating woollim girls? ps: boarding school?

I’ll do my best to come back for a while when they debut and the rest, my fellow staffs will do the rest ^o^ I’m leaving for the national exams :)

Anonymous asked:

how many admins actually run this? & are you guys going to reveal yourself ?

As I mentioned earlier, a lot of people run the forum, the twitter, the tumblr, the facebook page as we have a lot of staffs that works in different field. We have 3 admins and our old followers on Twitter would know who we are since we used to mentioned our name a lot back in 2011-2012. If you’re still insisting to find out, the founder is me, Syikin. The one who does all the graphics is Coyah and our one and only Korean Admin, Stacey.

Anonymous asked:

how many people run this page? & jw but are you / you guys a fan of infinite or a woollim stan? :D jw.. since you know all the members of inifnite and stuff.

We have a lot of people running this fanbase since we started as a forum back in 2011! Yes, we all are Inspirits and some of us are Woollim stans.